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Personal Shrine Project goes live

Welcome to my little 3am Eureka vision!

Most of my best artistic ideas spring out of that semi-sleep in the wee small hours when my mind is surfing on Theta waves from some parallel universe.

Some nights my addled mind is firing off Eurekas like a machine gun and if I dont drag my ass out of bed and write them down they will all be gone in the morning no matter how much I convince myself will remember them.

Eckhart Tolle talks a lot about the mind needing to be still to allow true creativity to flourish and often in those insomniac hours I will wake with some problem from my waking life raising my stress levels. At some point I will become awake enough to realise that I need to still my mind consciously... go into my breath and meditation to bring my energy back to centre. I may not get back to sleep fully but I will usually find that coming out of that state of inner stillness will then lead into a state of acute mental creativity where my body is essentially asleep but my mind is flowing along new channels and coming up with powerful new artistic synergies and solutions.

This Personal Shrine vision was born out of such a moment and has been refined by many more.

Can't quite believe I've finally got to this point!

Been such a long time coming.. and it's really just the first step.

I must thank a few key people without who's support and assistance I would probably have not got this far:

Corrina McGowan and her digital team from the amazing Woodford Folk Festival... in fact the whole festival organisation for giving me the solid base for the last decade from which to launch this baby..

Ellen Adriaanson who is keeping my business side from crashing and burning.

Wayan, Juliawan, Made, Goesman, Ketut, and the late great Sam Black in Bali among many others over there without whom none of this would have happened.

And then there's my wife Fey.

I wish she could be here to see this.

We met in Bali not long after my first arrival.

She was a yoga instructor in Ubud, originally from Kalimantan.

We lived the pure Eat, Pray, Love cliche for a few glorious years, helping each other with our parallel projects until the Big C derailed both our plans.

I might write a separate post about her in the future.

But if you're watching babe, this one's for you.

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