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Welcome to the Personal Shrine

It's a bit hard to believe this is all finally happening!

I first had the beginnings of this idea about ten years ago.

It's been a long journey with several major detours but I always kept it there on the backburner through many big ups and downs.

Humble beginnings

What you see here now is hopefully just the first taste of what will grow and diversify into a wide range of completely different sets of beautifully matching products that all somehow fit under this broad umbrella term... The Personal Shrine.

I want to collaborate with authoritative practitioners of all the many flavours of traditional Eastern Spirituality to bring forth all the physical items that one would need to observe the tenets of those faiths... and not just the Eastern forms. I want to start from there but keep expanding the scope of the vision to encompass every belief that could possibly involve something describable as a Personal Shrine... from Mexican Catholic Nichos to Orthodox Byzantine Icons to Pagan Celt and Wicca to all the flavours of New Age spirituality... Astrology, Crystals, Visionary Art, Psychedelia, Goddess Worship and Erotic Neo Tantra... etc... etc..

It's pretty obvious I'm going to have to clone myself a dozen times over to even begin to make this happen. And that's all before I contemplate the software side of things. But as St. Paul (Kelly) famously sang, "From little things, big things grow"


Please make yourself at home...

Seat yourself on this nice cushion here

Take a moment to relax while keeping your spine straight


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