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A Personal Shrine art workshop

My day job at Woodford Folk Festival is on life support through the current Covid restrictions on big festivals. To keep us going through these challenging times we are running a series of much smaller glorified camping events on the magnificent Woodfordia parkland site and part of that will be me conducting a series of art workshops creating mirrored pairs of colourful folk-art flourishes that are intended to be components of a sacred space or some other special location where a sense of symmetry, balance and creative intention will evoke some funky feng shui.

In preparation for the workshops I spent today making this demonstration piece.

The classes are designed to be very easy and follow a formula for success that I have developed over the last few seasons at Woodfordia conducting large scale public art projects. This set of guidelines and parameters is actually based on some artistic fundamentals that date back hundreds of years to the Renaissance Old Masters and beyond and, once learned, can be applied to much more ambitious painting genres like landscape and portraiture.

I have created a guide that goes into the detail of these fundamentals to give to the patrons at my workshops but if you would like like a PDF copy make contact on or through the chat here on the website.

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