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Hand-made in Bali

Bali is one of the few places in the world where a rich tradition of skill in timber carving persists in the face of modern western consumer culture and competition from Chinese CNC technology.

For how much longer it can persist is a moot point but initiatives like the Personal Shrine Project are a small but significant boost for the viability and perpetuation of these skills in the village communities around Ubud and their passing on to the next generation of artisans.

Taksu is the Balinese Hindu word for the profoundly spiritual state of being that master practitioners of any Balinese artform attain in the practice of their craft, be it dance, music, painting or carving.

It can be seen and felt in the finished form and the cumulative effect is a major part of the indefineable "magic" of Bali.

This first iVedi design is based on traditional Balinese lotus forms even though the finished product is a wholly new fusion with a very contemporary purpose. Future designs will be exploring an ever-widening diversity of influences, traditions, symbologies and artistic expressions. 

The production process has been quite a steep learning curve for all involved. There were and still are considerable challenges with the engineering of the hinge mechanism in particular which require fine tolerances and much more consistent fabrication methodology than the usual local hand-carving. But the Balinese character is very "can-do" and the ingenuity and invention with which they solve creative problems is a amazing to behold.

Living and working in Bali with the locals is a constant source of richness, wonder and delight after the relative disconnection and rigidity of so much of Western society.

It is a pleasure and a privilege to collaborate with that source in the bringing of something beautiful, and hopefully a little bit transformative, to Bule (Western) consciousness.

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