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iVedi Mobile Device Stand White.png

Unique design



Sustainably-sourced teak

 Solid brass fittings

Made in Bali

small, medium and large iVedi mobile deice stands. Carved teak, made in Bali.

This design and the concept behind it are something wholly original and the launch of this first production run has a been a long time coming.

There are only a very limited number of pieces in this edition and the revenue from these sales will go straight back into funding the next cycle of production.

There are three sizes:

  • Small... for smart phones and small tablets

  • Medium... for larger tablets and netbooks

  • Large... for larger laptops

Small iVedi

Medium iVedi


Large iVedi


Small iVedi


Small iVedi with iphone. Carved teak made in Bali.

They are adjustable for height, angle and device casing thickness.

Cutaway rail for power cable access.

Solid brass hardware.

Distressed, stained and finished to evoke the character of a restored antique.

Great for books, magazines, graphics tablets, clipboards and artworks.

Very robust, stable and practical and will last forever to become family heirlooms that will long outlive the devices they are intended for!

Hand-made by village artisans in Bali in an initiative that aims to help keep traditional carving skills and the communities they come from viable for the future generations.

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Carved teak made in Bali

Medium iVedi

with iPad

The iVedi is a unique and attractive piece of functional art upon which to place your digital devices but it is also the first taste of a larger vision that aims to become something much more than that.

It is the beginnings of an innovative project, a synergy of old and new, that re-imagines what the tradition of Sacred Space can be in the modern context.

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Lotus Altar with Medium iVedi and iPad Pro
Lotus Altar with Medium iVedi and iPad Pro

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Small iVedi on Lotus Altar
Small iVedi on Lotus Altar

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Medium iVedi on Lotus Altar with iPad Pro
Medium iVedi on Lotus Altar with iPad Pro

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Lotus Altar with Medium iVedi and iPad Pro
Lotus Altar with Medium iVedi and iPad Pro

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the Personal Shrine project black masthe

Beyond the iVedi itself, The Personal Shrine project revolves around the creation of beautiful and compelling Sacred Space within the domestic environment and elevating it to become a powerful immersive experience taking one deeper into whatever one's particular belief system might be.


There are two main components to this vision which are evolving on the back of the launch of the iVedi which itself becomes the bridge between the two.


The first is an ever-expanding catalogue of stunningly beautiful, purpose-built altars, pedestals, lamps, frames, shelves, wall brackets, water features, incense burners, bowls, mats, cushions, planters and other peripheral objects presented in matching sets upon which one can bring together one's own meaningful symbols and figurines, deities, talismans, offerings, devotional objects, heirlooms, antiques, artwork or memories.

Each set is themed for a particular spiritual tradition or belief system, whether orthodox and authentic to particular schools of practice or more "New Age" for want of a better word.

Whichever set of matching components one chooses, their cumulative presence will transform the room in which they are they are situated with the most compelling sense of unity and set a powerful context for the personal items placed within it.

The first of these sets is a current work in progress.

It is called the Lotus Altar

The Personal Shrine App/Web Portal


The next stage and second major component of the Personal Shrine vision is an online digital portal streaming a wide range of content that is designed specifically to run on the phone, tablet or laptop placed on the iVedi within the context of the whole assemblage, creating a single seamless immersive experience, complemented by a discreet but powerful audio system hidden out of sight.

This part of the project is mostly conjectural at this point but the proposed content includes such possibilities as:

Guided meditation

Guided ritual

Yoga instruction

Private counselling

Group practice

Discussion and community forum

Events (virtual or live streamed)

Education, history and glossary resource

Streaming ambient ethereal music or audio/visual content

Library and review section


Games... like The Myst series, The Witness or Machinarium that have a nonviolent, mystical, Zen-like, spiritually-enriching, whimsical or non-violent quality to them.

Daily posting to social media featuring a tidbit about a deity or philosophical musing or historical symbol and how to draw wisdom applicable to daily modern life from it. All of which builds into a database of knowledge and practical wisdom.

Marketplace for products and services including an interactive virtual space in which to drag and drop 3D models of shrine components and test different configurations prior to purchase... not only items under the "Personal Shrine" banner but an exhaustive one-stop-shop for third party dealers offering devotional furnishings and components from all over the world.

Secondhand antique trader marketplace


Membership accounts with personalised space where one can upload self-created content (like youtube) or curate playlists of other material onsite or from around the wider internet content (like Pinterest) including any of the above and attract followers...

An Exercise in Conscious Art


Gavin Ryan is an artist from Queensland, Australia.

His vision for this project has been an ever-evolving flight of imagination and spiritual/philosophical purpose for many years.

For more on the personal and artistic back-story behind this project click here

PS Logo 1f dropshadow.png