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an ever-widening selection of evocative, immersive, interactive environmental artworks, from the vaguely familiar to the “otherworldly”, to explore and engage with
for meditation, contemplation, teachings, or just be drawn into.

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Deeply inspiring, animated, multi-sensory experience… presenting content that covers a range from light and fun… perhaps games or puzzles… to profoundly meaningful, educational and healing transformation.


The possibilities for this platform are vast. 


Utilising the same technology as the endless tide of violent, mind-numbingly antisocial, misogynist, morally bankrupt computer games that flood the modern zeitgeist, but turning the whole thing around to present something slightly less dystopian to feed the soul.


 A meeting place where consciously motivated 3D artists and visual storytellers can collaborate to create interactive immersive virtual sacred spaces... environments, scenarios, imaginary and/or symbolic, metaphorical worlds engaging with audiences to keep evolving symbiotically…


Different categories of belief systems or intents or visions might be available from realistic and authentic to established religious or spiritual traditions through to psychedelic new age visionary art to otherworldly flights of fantasy, or edgier examples where art or any number of non-spiritual themes are the main inspiration.


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