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A journey into conscious creative expression


An Art Workshop dedicated to creating beautiful and compelling components to embellish your Sacred Space


Choose from a range of pre-primed plywood cutouts, either mirrored pairs of decorative flourishes or single symmetrical silhouettes... set up ready to personalise with your own creative flair, expression, interpretation or meaningful symbology.

These classes are primarily designed for those who want to tap into undiscovered artistic potential, to explore and experiment within a fun yet refined process that teaches some fundamentals of art theory and practice and ensures a successful and deeply satisfying outcome.


Gavin Ryan, Artist-In-Residence at Woodford Folk Festival, has been developing the Colour & Meaning concept over recent public art projects at Woodfordia, including the most recent Folk Festival poster design which was a huge collaborative folk art mural canvas painted by the folk at the preceding festival.

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 6.03.29 pm.jpg

Folk Festival Poster 2019

This set of techniques allows free-rein to colour-in and doodle within a set of carefully considered parameters based on some time-honoured fundamentals of painting tradition. Those with experience and prowess will also find much in this workflow template to extend their skill set and find fresh inspiration.


  • Very therapeutic, meditative class atmosphere that encourages a flow-state of gentle introspection, self-  discovery and creative expression.

  • An open doorway inviting deep revelation of emotion, intellect and spirit.

  • Symbols, colours, patterns, lines, textures, motifs... or much more ambitious representational content as desired.

  • Development of painting skills: colour theory, paint  handling, brush control, placement and proportion,  composition and the “artistic eye”.

  • An individual experience and a rich communal one as well.

  • Ages: 8 to 80 (Blue card accredited)

  • All materials supplied (although you may wish to bring  your own brushes if you prefer) 

  • No experience necessary, just an open mind and heart. 

  • The finished piece can be used in any setting where a  sense of symmetry, purpose or significance is desired.

This is a shorter, less intensive version of the Colour & Meaning experience that focuses towards expressive creativity.

The full vision adds a preceding and much longer, more intensive psycho/spiritual journey of self-examination and interpretation, developing a highly personalised individual symbol design which is then brought to fruition with the artistic process described here.

Check out the Blog for much more detail on all this.

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