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Several times a day I see my guitar as I pass through the living room and usually am drawn, Pied Piper-style... against my rock-solid self-discipline... to pick her up and just have a little twang.

Some hours or days later I may come up for air and realise I have possibly got distracted again.

Except it's not so much "distraction" as tonic for the soul.

Here I share a taste of the sort of places I go on my Six-Stringed Sacred Spaceship....


Symbolacrum, one of the new developments of my Personal Shrine Project, involves immersion in audio-visual meditative experiences (of which sounds like this will be an integral part...) for accessing highly creative flow states within which to undertake the design and artistic rendition of our own beautiful and unique personal symbol.

I have been developing a course of video workshops, teaching myself videography, video editing and motion graphics along the way. The same content will be part of my in-real-life and Zoom workshops as well.

I also have it in mind to create a mobile App out of many aspects of all this too... if I dont spontaneously combust first!.. :)

Have a look around this site now, even if you have done so before. I'm adding new pages and updating old ones to shift the focus of the whole project.

It is, now, much more about collaboration and learning, facilitating and inspiring everyone to fulfil their own creative potential and discover the many ways in which art and consciousness are flipsides of the same coin.

Sign on here to keep abreast of developments and be advised of workshops or other events.

If what I'm creating here is something you want to help make happen... feel like you are part of... participate in and reap the rewards of, please consider supporting me at any level you wish on Patreon:

ps. I was hoping to be announcing a Symbolacrum workshop retreat at Woodfordia during the Lake Gkula Camping over the Easter long weekend but I've just picked up a rather special postage stamp design commission from Australia Post which will take up a lot of my creative energy for the next few months.

I'm very keen to be up n' running with these workshops on a regular basis though and would love to hear from anyone interested in either local in-person events or the online equivalent.

See my other recent blog posts for a small taste of what these workshops are about.

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Visuals from Colour & Meaning workshops at the recent Bushtime 21 event at Woodfordia. Such a welcome respite from the year's trials and tribulations...

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