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If you were to choose one graphic device to symbolise the entirety of what your life means, what would it look like?

Would you choose a symbol that already exists or would it need to be something only you could create?

Welcome to Symbolacrum

Symbolacrum is in development now as a Mobile app and web portal designed to help find meaning, purpose and peace of mind through therapeutic meditative artistic practices, self examination, symbology and creative expression… specifically….

Guidance into the design and creation of One’s own unique Personal Symbol design as a tool for personal growth and spiritual or philosophical development.

This project is also about the establishment of Sacred Space, both virtual and/or in real life, within which to centre this symbolic device and refine practices to leverage its potential for profound positive conscious change.

What I am bringing to reality here is a really new and modern synergy of elements as old as time and my lifetime of practical artistic experience in a very wide range of creative disciplines.

Let’s us, you and me, take a creative journey together… collaborate on your Personal Symbol 

...see if we can discover something new about ourselves and bring a little of our own art and consciousness…. 

And begin to maybe live life itself as an art.


I am launching an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to spearhead the turning of this dream into reality as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, if what I am bringing to the world is something you would like to support, please consider becoming a patron at:

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a journey into the merging of
art and consciousness

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